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Here at Amy's Assisted Living, we strive to create a comfortable, relaxing, and peaceful home environment filled with activities and fun for the whole community. Our elderly enjoy personal and socially-shared spaces which promote healthy interaction and social development. Our resident's lives are enriched with activities that calm and soothe the mind, body, and heart.

We demonstrate our love and care practically by dedicating our lives to the well-being of our elderly friends and in serving them with gentleness and patience. We are guided by high standards and values that are proven in speech and action.

Amy's Assisted Living Home
Music & Karaoke
Our residents enjoy private classical or country music performances and shows.
Amy's Assisted Living Home
Book Club
Our resident's engage in read-aloud, storytime, and book-reading activities to strengthen memory and cognitive abilities.
Amy's Assisted Living Home
Field Trips
We take our resident's on shopping and field trips in the valley.
Amy's Assisted Living Home
Special Events
We host special catered events, parties, holidays, and family visitations and get-togethers throughout the year.
Amy's Assisted Living Home
Home-Cooked Meals
We have dedicated staff members that cook home-made, nutritious, healthy, and diet-conscious meals, everday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Amy's Assisted Living Home
We encourage indoor and outdoor activities, light exercises, stretches, and mini-games led by our Activities Director.
Amy's Assisted Living Home
Park Walks
Our elders enjoy walks in the park, fresh air, and nature trail walks.
Amy's Assisted Living Home
Backyard Golf
We have a mini golf course right here in our backyard that our members enjoy daily.
Amy's Assisted Living Home
Arts & Crafts
We coordinate artistic activities, crafts, and game nights to build community cohesion, relieve stress, and provide engaging past time for our residents.
Amy's Assisted Living Home
Fun & Games
Bingo, board games, trivia, and game nights are necessary for team-building, social growth, memory care, and much needed community support.
Amy's Assisted Living Home
Movie Night
Perform sound check, queue a classic movie, dim the lights, provide light snack treats and drinks - It's Movie Night!
Amy's Assisted Living Home
Cook-Outs & Barbecues
With the right weather, cook-outs and barbecues are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.


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